Why a Shower Chair Can Be Very Helpful For Elderly

December 6, 2017

There are a multitude of items and supplies that are needed when an aging loved one must move into a nursing home. Several of these items come in a variety of colors and styles. This guide will help you decide what all items are necessary and you can go to an area where you have a number of choices so that you can give your loved one the very best.

Leaving their long time home can be difficult for most everyone, but when the move is to an assisted living center or nursing home, the move is fraught with emotion. One of the best ways to help your loved one become comfortable in their new home is to help them personalize the space. Most facilities have specific rules and regulations that must be followed, but there are still some things you can do to help mom or dad feel a little more comfortable and welcome. Keep in mind, the most important thing for elder people are those items that can help them to do their daily activities without the need of others. For example a good shower chair can help them taking shower. You can buy a good shower chair in UK at cheap price. We will be discussing later in this article as how to buy the right shower chair for elderly.

shower chair for elderlyPlan ahead if possible. If they are able to understand why the move needs to be made, try to talk to them ahead of time about what to expect. If you have the chance, let them walk through the facility and see what type of room they may have. Ask for their opinion. Talk to your parent about what they might want to take with them and how they want the rest of their possessions disposed of. If they are able, let them make as many decisions as possible so that they feel somewhat in control of the situation.

Decorate the space together. Let them choose any decorations they may take such as a favorite picture, a couple of items from a collection (my mother took a bell or two from her massive collection), and several favorite family photos. Help them stay informed. If they are used to reading the daily newspaper, see about continuing their subscription. If they watch the daily news or enjoy favorite television shows, bring in a small television with DVD and video capabilities. Mark their possessions. Our family found from experience that items can seem to get up and walk away. Therefore, make sure everything is clearly marked with their name making retrieval much easier.

Care for Senior citizens

Even though most senior citizens want to live independently for as long as possible, there may come a time when being alone can become dangerous. The downside of seniors living alone range from safety issues such as falling, nutrition and psychological impairments such as memory loss. Diabetes, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and dementia are age-related conditions than can affect a person’s physical balance and strength. It is harder to get up and down stairs, retrieve something from a high shelf and at times just walking.

Many seniors attempt to handle chores themselves instead of waiting for help, and at times, may fall and injure themselves. They should defer these tasks to caregivers or companions, thereby reducing the safety risks. Fire safety is huge area of concern for seniors living alone. From forgetting to turn off the stove, turning off the curling iron to smoking in bed, the chances of burning down the house is raised when seniors live by themselves.

Whatever activities you and your loved one decide on, try to keep to a regular schedule. Some of the primary dangers in a senior’s home are throw rugs, loose floorboards, clutter on the floors and in hallways and obstructed pathways. Don’t wait for an emergency to happen before seeking care for an elderly relative. Routines are a powerful tool to use when you are trying to establish a bond the person you are looking after. Don’t let your senior slip into depression and lethargy.

A senior care provider should check these things regularly and observe the senior in their home to notice if the layout of the furniture is causing problems. You can make more informed decisions by discussing care options ahead of time. Bonds are important because a relationship based and trust and warmth is likely to be a successful union. Elder care also consists of keeping the elderly alert and engaged. Walkways should be easy for a senior to navigate.

Ask the provider to supply you with a list of references who can talk about their quality of work. Routines can help foster bonds because they an elderly person feel secure and comfortable. And when you go to see your senior, take your dog along with you. If a coffee table in the living room presents a difficulty for seniors to maneuver, a senior care provider should recommend rearranging the layout of the room or removing the table entirely. Contact current and former patients, their family members, and doctors. Studies have shown the benefits of interactions with a pet on improved health in the elderly.

Shower Chairs For Elderly

If you are looking to buy a best quality shower chair in 2018, then make sure you buy the one which is durable and also comfortable for elderly people. Bathing while traveling can be a nightmare for people with limited mobility. Most people naturally want to avoid having to endure the embarrassment of being bathed by someone else. Older adults will enjoy greater peace of mind when stepping in and out of the tub or shower. Shower chairs are waterproof wheelchairs that allow you to wheel or be wheeled over the toilet if necessary or into a level access shower. When you own your own personal shower or bath chair you can take it with you!

  • In fact, this is often the reason why elderly people are so grumpy when they’re being bathed.
  • Shower seats for elderly adults increase independence, and shower chairs and transfer benches reduce back strain for both users and caretakers.
  • There are self-propelled models to allow you to move yourself to/from the shower, or attendant-propelled models to allow a carer to help you access the shower.
  • Who really knows how clean the bath and shower chairs at hotels really are and why should you put your health and hygiene at risk?
  • And because a shower chair allows the user to bathe safely and comfortably, it may also eliminate the need for caregiver assistance in most cases.

Those with disabilities, those who have difficulty standing too long, or those who suffer from dizzy spells while in the shower will benefit from resting on a stool or bench. It is recommended that anybody with reduced sensation around their seating area uses a padded product to reduce the risk of skin damage. Is it clean? Therefore, a shower chair not only provides safety and comfort during a shower, but it also helps you retain your dignity by allowing you to bathe independently. Shower chairs are ideal for those recovering from surgery or an injury to the legs or feet.

Aluminum shower chairs have decreased in popularity over the years as cheaper materials have evolved. Is it sturdy? Tilting ability – a mobile chair that tilts puts the user in a more stable position and also allows the carer to adopt a more convenient working posture. They allow you to take the weight off your lower body while you wash. Some of the best shower chairs for elderly use aluminum frames with plastic seats which increases their durability and they stay light in weight.

Is it broken? Security – armrests, footrests and headrests can all improve the level of stability and support. Aluminum is water resistant and will not rust but may take a little more effort to clean. A shower or bath chair is a very personal piece of equipment and using one that others have used leaves you to wonder. A sturdy lap belt is also a useful feature. Soap scum may stick to it and require occasional cleaning with a spray cleaner and a rag. You don’t want to risk infecting yourself with another’s virus or bacteria or using equipment you are unfamiliar with and unsure of its safety.

The care raiser function is unique, as it lifts the lower part of the resident’s/patient’s body, enabling easy and discreet access for sensitive hygiene tasks. A handset gives the caregiver complete control over the battery-powered functions: raising, lowering, reclining and the care raiser. The reclined position gives full access for the caregiver to most parts of the body and is very comfortable for the resident/patient.

Shower Chair Buying Guide

Carefully measure the shower stall or tub before you begin your search. There are so many choices and options when considering a Shower Chair it can be challenging to figure out where to begin. The Shower Chair by Vive has arms on each side that are adjustable with hand gripping plastic that you can hold to help balance yourself as you get in and out of tub. That is why the aged care equipment created by trusted manufacturers is useful for the elderly. Take note of any unusual shapes or features that could affect the placement or performance of a seat (it could be an oddly-placed soap holder, a built-in shelf, etc). If the tub has rounded interior edges, seats with four legs may not sit cleanly inside.

  • Purchasing a Shower Chair does not have to be hard.
  • The back of the chair is ergonomically designed for comfort and can be removed if not needed.
  • They provide you the help you need to have when you are doing anything.
  • Look for seats with continuously-adjustable screw-style legs rather than the incremental slot-and-pin style – the former will allow you to fine-tune each leg’s height for greater stability.
  • The key to finding the right shower chair includes looking a few important features: weight capacity, size, seat height, fit and quality.

It also has the safety feature of non-slip rubber feet. There is equipment to help you walk, to sit and even to help you with baths and showers. Despite all the extra features on this sliding shower chair, it maintains a lightweight structure and can be moved around easily. With so many options to choose from, we have made it even easier to find the Shower Chair right for you. It is made out of lightweight aluminum that is extra strong and won’t rust from getting wet.

Having this kind of assistance, especially with bath and shower aids, can be very important. It also comes with a plastic covered feet for extra stability. A shower chair with a full back, arms, and wheels like the Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair is meant for people who have limited dexterity and mobility. Some models feature hanging baskets or compartments to hold soap and other toiletries, which can be very convenient for those who cannot stand at all or choose not to. However, that does not mean you should buy just any equipment.

This brand of transfer bench has a customized textured plastic surface that doesn’t go slipping but produce a firm grip on the user’s body. If it is difficult for you to stand up or sit down, this wheeled style of shower chair can be very helpful. If you have difficulty stepping into and out of a tub, consider a shower chair that doubles as a transfer chair. You should always be mindful of what you purchase. This style of shower chair requires a shower that accommodates a chair being rolled inside.

Some models are wide enough to extend out of the tub and can slide back and forth. Most bath benches are made out of a combination of aluminium and sturdy plastic with rubber grippers on the bottom of the feet. Always take careful measurements before assembling the product. This allows you to avoid stepping into or out of a tub. These materials are both non-corrosive and lightweight, so they will not rust and can easily be transported while supporting enough weight for the individual. Wheeled shower chairs come with several useful options. Instead you can sit down on the chair while it is outside of the tub, and then slide it into the bathing area. Often, bath and shower benches are constructed with a series of tiny holes or “gutters” on the seated surface to keep the water draining through.

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