What You Need To Know About Wireless Router

April 26, 2017

In today”s world of smartphones and internet, a high speed internet connection is the need of almost all house in any part of the world. People now longer want those old days slow internet speed that comes through a dial up modem. This is the age of broadband where you can watch movies in high definition quality without buffering. And as the technology advanced, people can use fast speed internet connection without any wire connection with the help of a wireless router. A wireless router can be configured to be use through your broadband internet connection. The best wireless routers in 2016 is the device recommended by many experts.

Wireless Router Definition and Overview

So what exactly is wireless router?. In simple term it is an electronic device that performs the function of a simple router without using any wired connection. It also includes the function of wireless access point and provide access to any local computer network or Internet.

Wireless models are the most common type of internet router. Basically speaking, internet data comes in to the router from the phone line and is converted into radio signals. This signal is then picked up by the network card in your computer, smartphone or games console and translated into internet data again. \r\n\r\n

How Wireless Router Works

In recent years wireless technology has improved significantly, providing more bandwidth and allowing for the connection of more computers to a WLAN. The newer wireless routers use the 802.11ac specification, a standard that offers transmission over short distances at up to 54 megabits per second (Mbps), compared with the 11 Mbps theoretical maximum with the earlier 802.11b standard.

The wireless router works on the principle of radio waves. This facilitates you to get connected to your network sitting at any part of your house be it in your study or your bedroom or your dining room. In present days, all the major works are done over the internet and so you can do your work any time and sitting any where you feel like. The wireless routers are available in a variety of range of functions. Depending on the size of your house get the perfect range router. Also install the router in a proper place so that you can have easy access to it at the time of any maintenance.

Wireless Network Standards

As we have said these are all network standards, but what is the difference between them. For those who want to buy a new wireless routers in India 2016, will often come cross with these standards. You might be confused as to which WiFi router you should buy and what should be the ideal network standard. You should be aware that which network standard is outdated.\r\n\r\n802.1x was the first network standard for wireless technology. This standard enhances the security of local area networks by providing an authentication framework allowing users to authenticate to a central authority, such as LDAP or Active Directory. In conjunction with 802.11 access technologies, it provides an effective mechanism for controlling access to the wireless local area network. But these network has been outdated and many new devices do not support this standard.

Advantages of Wireless Router

There are so many advantages of wireless router other than using high speed internet connection without messing up with the wires. A wireless router helps you not just enjoy your part of the internet, but it also helps you to complete all your work whenever you feel like as internet is available all the time. Instead of the connection hassle, you can use the wireless router and connect your internet with your phones, computers, tablets and laptops. With just one connection, you can connect many devices. Although it would affect the speed of your internet since the bandwidths are divided.

With a wireless router, there is a different IP address for every device connected with the same internet so that every gadget is easily connected with the internet. A wireless router also has the ability to provide an internet connection known as WiFi. Your laptops, phones, and other gadgets with WiFi feature can have the access to the internet.

Basic Components of a Wireless Router

The following are the main components of any router whether its wired or wireless.

CPU: Executes operation systems instructions

RAM: Stores instructions and data needed for CPU

ROM: Boot instructions, scaled-down version. of IOS

Flash: Stores IOS, copied into RAM during bootup proc.

NVRAM: startup configuration file

Wireless Routers Working Principle

Wi-Fi is a high speed internet connection and network connection without use of any cables or wires. The wireless network is operating 3 main elements that are radio signals, antenna and router. The radio waves are keys which make the Wi-Fi networking possible. The computers and cell phones are ready with Wi-Fi cards. Wi-Fi compatibility has been using a new creation to constituent within the ground connected with community network. The actual broadcast is connected with in sequence in fact it is completed by way of stereo system surf as well as the worth of wires with monitor to classification prone. Wi-Fi allows any individual in order to get access to web any place in the actual provided area.

Top Wireless Routers in India Review

D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router is both bigger and more ostentatious than most other wireless routers in India. The D-Link AC3200 (DIR-890L) is a giant glossy red triangular prism with six huge antennas sticking out of it, and promises tri-band Wi-Fi performance of up to 3200Mbps. This is one massive router, but it does what it says on the tin very well.

Essentially, the D-Link is a dual-band router (2.4GHz and 5GHz), but it actually has two 5GHz radios installed, and this allows you to run two 5GHz networks on the same router, and without compromise. The breakdown of its AC3200 rating is as follows: 600MHz for the 2.4GHz, 802.11n network; 1.3GHz is for each of the two 5GHz, 802.11ac networks.

In our tests, the 802.11ac speed proved to be reliably fast, especially across short distances. We tested by transferring both small files (3-30MB MP3s and FLACs) and big files (1-2GB MP4s) across short (up to 3m) and mid-range (up to 15m) distances. Files were transferred from an Asustor AS-202TE NAS device attached to one of the router’s Gigabit Ethernet ports, and copied to a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga with an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 module.

As you can very clearly see, the D-Link AC3200 is quite a striking piece of technology. Its glossy red triangular chassis is vaguely bug-like; I think I’m going to start calling the bulk of the DIR-890L its carapace. Those six antennas extending from its rear and angled sides aren’t at all skinny or spindly, though — on the contrary they’re very sturdy and chunky, but are sadly not removable to be replaced with high-gain alternatives.

Linksys Wireless Router

The Valet series of devices are aimed primarily at home users, but Cisco also developed the Linksys E-series wireless routers–combining the simplicity of the Valet series with some additional configuration options for more tech savvy customers. The Linksys E-series wireless routers are available as of today from standard retail outlets like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and others.

The Cisco press release says “The new, streamlined product lineup sets a new precedent for simplicity, power, and performance and makes it easy for consumers to find the right technology to fit their needs.”



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