Does Stair Stepper Must be Included in Your Fitness Equipment?

January 25, 2018

Getting in shape or maintaining your fitness can be expensive. When you add up the cost of footwear, apparel, equipment and other accouterments (gym membership? ouch!) the total can knock years off of your life. Just kidding! But, all joking aside – there are things that you should be more than willing to shell out major cash for, and things that you can get on the cheap, without causing any harm.

The following items are worth the extra money, and in many cases, trying to skimp can cost you more in the long run.

If you’ve ever made the mistake of buying a pair of cheap athletic shoes, and tried to run or exercise in them, you know where I’m coming from with this one. Proper footwear isn’t just important for the sake of comfort, it’s important for your health. Wearing shoes that don’t protect and support the correct areas according to the activity you’re engaged in can cause decreased performance and injury. If you’re brand-new in your routine and therefore not sure what sort of shoe you need, opt for a cross-trainer that feels light and supportive, and shopping at specialty sporting goods stores rather than mass retailers will give you the opportunity to ask questions of a knowledgeable sales associate.

Mini Stair Steppers
The classic stepper exercise machine is one of the best cardio workouts you can give your body with any exercise machine today. Why is that? Actually, it’s very simple – the workout is intense, and it works out the big muscles in your legs and buttocks – and that requires a lot of blood, making the heart pump hard and get a great workout! If you are looking for great mini stepper machine in UK, then continue reading this article. We will be discussing about best steppers that you can buy in 2018.

best mni stepper machine UKSports Bras
For the ladies – your sports bra is a perfect example of when it’s appropriate to spend what it takes to get a quality item. The difference between a value sports bra and a higher priced one is vast. It’s extremely important to select a bra that offers good support, and is also comfortable. Again, seek advice from a sales associate, and don’t be shy about jogging around and jumping up and down in the fitting room to get a conclusive idea of how the bra will work for you “in the field”.

You can pick up a pedometer for a few dollars at most any discount store, but it’s not going to be very accurate, and in most cases will be cheaply made, requiring you to replace it within a short span of time. If you’re interested in keeping track of your steps go ahead and spend the extra cash to purchase a high-quality device – the sort that requires calibration, so that you can rely on it being accurate and built to last.

Joining a Gym
There’s usually no way to hit the middle ground when you’re shopping for a gym membership. To join a club that’s going to have the best equipment, excellent trainers, and a wide variety of classes to choose from, you’re going to have to pay a good bit more. In the long run it’s worth it because you’re more likely to actually use your membership if there are plenty of amenities available. Saving money only to join a gym with outdated equipment that’s in a state of disrepair, or one that isn’t kept clean, or isn’t properly staffed will really end up being wasted money if you join and then never use your membership.

Home Cardio Equipment
These machines can be expensive even when you’re shopping in the low end of the spectrum, but don’t be tempted to spend less, because poorly made equipment tends to break down and require replacement in a short period of time when it’s being used on a regular basis. Do your research – go out to a fitness equipment store and hop on a variety of machines to get a feel for them, and never invest in a machine that doesn’t come with a warranty of at least one-year. Also, go online and read, (and read, and read) consumer reports and reviews to gain insight into which equipment works best and for what reasons.

In this instance – when you’ve seen one piece of equipment, you’ve pretty much seen them all. You can spend extra money to get them in trendy colors or shapes, but why would you want to when the less expensive ones work every bit as well as the pretty ones?

Fitness Apparel
You really can pick up quality fitness apparel in just about any store that sells a wide variety of clothing. Walmart and Target both carry lines of name brand clothing for men and women, and there are excellent sales at several points in time throughout the year on items that can be a bit pricey if you buy them without the benefit of a sale.

Specialty Accessories
Balls, bands, blocks etc. can definitely add up if you go on a buying spree, but that’s not necessary. When a gadget catches your eye, go ahead and buy it, but make sure to use it for a few months to determine if you love it or hate it before moving on to something else.

Heart Rate Monitor
You’re probably thinking you need to lay out some significant cash to get a quality heart rate monitor, but that’s a misconception. The majority of really high-end items are expensive because they offer features that the average fitness enthusiast will never use. Purchase a monitor that has a chest strap, a timer, and is customizable for your gender, age, and weight – and you’re good to go.

Mini Stepper Machine – Why You Need To Buy It

The mini stepper exercise machine is one of the better home exercise machines you can buy for several reasons. The first reason is its small size and portability, and light weight, as compared to treadmills and elliptical trainers. Sure, you can get lightweight versions of these big exercise machines, but they can be cheap, lightweight versions of the real thing. These light treadmills and elliptical trainers don’t often last long, as compared to the stepper exercise machine which can be lightweight in construction due to its small size.

stepper machine 2018You can store a stepper exercise machine most anyplace in your home – it doesn’t have a big “footprint.” Plus, since it is relatively light weight in construction, the stair stepper machine can be moved around with ease – from storage to point of use with almost effort. And, the stair stepper machine is relatively inexpensive as compared to other home exercise machines. This is a benefit to you – you can get the benefits of exercising at home without spending a lot of money! So, avoid the big rush, order your stepper exercise machine today, and don’t let another day slip by without a fit body!

Benefits of stepper machine

The stair climber is something of a gym gem as it does so much for your body and your fitness. When you use the stepper, you will find that it gives you the best workout aerobic and cardio wise. Stair steppers target muscles in the buttocks, hips, calves and thighs. An exercise stepper is a cardiovascular machine that has two pedals that you place your feet on and stationary handles to hold for balance. The repetitive motion helps tone your lower body whilst strengthening your core.

  • Also, this combined with the fact that it occupies much lesser space than all the other machinery, it’s hands down the best equipment for your home gym.
  • The exact effect stair-stepper machines will have on these muscle groups depends on the intensity of your workouts and many other factors, such as your diet and other physical activities.
  • You move the pedals up and down in a smooth motion to simulate walking up stairs.
  • It’s a great cardio workout that’s easy on your joints but at the same time builds pretty much every muscle in your legs and bum due to it being a weight-bearing exercise.
  • Your body’s ability to lose weight is largely dependent upon burning more calories as energy than are consumed.

Generally, you can expect that frequently exercising any muscle group will strengthen those muscles and develop muscle tone. This machine provides a number of benefits to the body. The mini stair stepper introduces a little variation into a normal stepper exercise by doing strength training at the same time. Combined with a sensible eating program, regular exercise on a gym stepper will help you lose weight. With regular use, they are an excellent way of burning fat, toning muscle and keeping fit.

The resistance your legs meet when forcing the footplates downward not only give a cardio workout but also help strengthen and tone the various leg muscles used in the stepping action. In this case you can also easily hold adjustable dumbbells in both of your hands while your legs are working out. Using a gym stepper machine for 30 minutes burns 266 calories for a 185-lb person, and 223 calories for a 155-lb person, according to Harvard Health Publications. If you are looking to achieve real results from your workout a Stair Stepper is a great choice. The main muscles used are the thigh muscles but calves, hip muscles and gluts also get worked out.

Stepper Machine vs Elliptical Machine

An elliptical and mini stair stepper are two of the most common cardio machines found in gyms. The elliptical machine is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment because it allows you to involve both your upper and lower body, move in either a forward or backward direction and adjust the speed, resistance and intensity of your workout. Most people are familiar with the motion of walking up stairs, the only difference with a step machine is that the stairs never stop and you have to keep climbing to keep up with the machine. Those suffering from such ailments can benefit from elliptical training because it does not place a lot of impact on joints. Both machines can provide an effective cardiovascular workout and help burn calories and improve aerobic capacity, but each machine has unique benefits and drawbacks.

Stair steppers are for more impact that elliptical trainer. There is a little bit of technique involved with a stepper but most of you will able to just jump on and go. Being that your feet stay still on the gliding platforms, there is no impact, which makes the elliptical a safer exercise option for a variety of people, including those who are elderly, rehabbing from knee surgery, have varicose veins or are obese. The stair stepper and elliptical trainer are cardio machines that can strengthen a user’s heart, burn calories and activate the lower body muscles. Research on injured athletes suggests that the use of a step machine as an alternative to cycling for knee rehabilitation has no harmful effect.

The only difficult bits are tackling the speed, intensity and duration of the stepper exercise. If you want to emphasize your core, swing your arms as you would if you were running. While either machine will provide an effective workout, there are differences worth considering before deciding which machine to use in your fitness routine. Therefore not so bad for knees as often suggested. Based on your weight and intensity, you can burn up to 10 calories per minute on the elliptical, according to certified trainer.

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